Sunday Sep. 21st, 2014

I Am The King Sweater

I Am The King Sweater is standup comedy show w music. It has the vibe of Elvis's 68 comeback w/o the fame,the looks or songs but many more jokes. It is in fact the mostly true story about my failed mid 80's Rockabilly career in Japan. And also...

Friday Jan. 03rd, 2014

Return To Oprah!

I was sitting at the car wash. I love going to the car wash. A clean car is like a freshly made bed. It's one of the jewels in the crown of self respect. There are no two greater indicators of my state of mind than the state of my bed and my car....

Tuesday Nov. 26th, 2013

You don't get help unless you ask for it!

A year ago today we started our Indie Go Go campaign to raise 10K in order to make the record that would become BLACK SWEATER MASSACRE. In 45 days we raised almost three times that much and set out on what would become, for me anyway, the dream...

Wednesday Nov. 06th, 2013

Comedy Gives Back

Tomorrow the Reigning Monarchs and I will be the house band for the global streaming broadcast of Comedy Gives back. A 24 hour comedy show benefitting Malaria and featuring The Birthday Boys, Comedy Bang Bang, and many more. We will be playing 10...

Monday Jul. 08th, 2013

It's Just A F***ing Date!

On July 23rd Amiira and I will release a new eBook and soft cover called It's Just A Fucking Date. It is a book that is, not surprisingly, about dating and it posits the idea that people should go on actual dates. REVOLUTIONARY! "But Greg I...

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