Saturday Jul. 17th, 2010

This is me in Montreal!

I went to the Montreal Just For Laughs comedy festival with a bad attitude. I can't explain why. A little career blues mixed with never wanting leave my house or family and not knowing if my comedy chops were in tact. As you can see by the...

Monday Jul. 12th, 2010

Record is out! Get it!

The Monarchs ripped through two awesome shows this weekend to celebrate the release of their new single Tijuana Snakefight. The song is available as a DOWNLOAD and on VINYL! Get it also on iTUNES and begin living life the way it was meant to be...

Saturday Jul. 03rd, 2010


Come rock with us, buy some vinyl and get your cardigan on! As we celebrate the release of Tijuana Snakefight our Mexicali Skanker single from the new split 7 featuring the Reiging Monarchs and Laramie Dean. Laramie's song The Creeper is an...

Thursday Jul. 01st, 2010

Greg Takes On the Stone Temple Pilots.

... and loses! My voice is what it is but the footage is awesome and shot by filmmaker and best friend Eric S. Goodfield.

Wednesday Jun. 23rd, 2010

Pre Order Reigning Monarchs 7 Inch Vinyl!

Pre Order Reigning Monarchs/ Laramie Dean 7 inch in Vinyl NOW Limited Edition COLOR Vinyl $10 Classic Black $8 SWEATER UP! Only at RM.COM

Tuesday Jun. 22nd, 2010

Vampire Weekend meets Van Halen at Bring The Rock

The Electrik SnowFlake featuring Dave Gibbs, Mark Rivers, and Grant Lee Phillips!

Thursday Jun. 17th, 2010

Mill Valley Comedy Day! BTR This weekend!

Yesterday March Maron and I performed at dusk for 700 some odd people in the town square of the beautiful Marin County Town of Mill Valley. These kinds of shows can be iffy sometimes but not this one. The crowd was fully engaged and the show was...

Tuesday Jun. 08th, 2010

I Want Candy from BTR LA May 2010

Monday May. 31st, 2010


June 18th and 18th are the days you want to mark on your calendar for what can only be described the best night of entertainment you can have while wearing skin. We talk and then we rock! Rock Stores told, songs played. Bring The Rock returns to...

Friday May. 28th, 2010

Weird Promo For Podcast!

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