Thursday Dec. 17th, 2009

Mark and Brian X Mas Show!

This summer I hosted the MAP Musicares tribute to Anthony Keidis at Club Nokia for about 1500 people. It was a super fun punk rock night of sober rocking. When Mark and Brian asked me to appear on their annual Christmas extravaganza on a phoner to promote THAT GUY FROM THAT THING I of course said "Sure." thinking we were talking about the same place. I didn't realize that the Nokia had two venues. It wasn't until I walked to the stage that I realized it was different. I said to the stage manager "That doesn't sound like 1500 people." and he said "Maybe because it's 7000." And I almost SHIT my pants. I've performed for maybe 3000 max during my JFL tour of Canada in 08! But it was a comedy tour where they were expecting comedy. Now add to that that I was following Foreigner who were tearing the place apart with their slew of classic nuggets like Head Games! I believe that comedy should only be performed for people who want to see comedy,hopefully they are sitting, not so drunk they can only see out of one eye and are not screaming "HOT BLOOOOOOOODED DO HOT BLOOOOOODED MOTHER FUCKERS!" Mark and Brian gave me a nice intro and I clenched my cheeks and strolled to the mike. The set went better than I could have possibly expected! The crowd was attentive and genuinely warm. Afterwards both Brian and Mark were truly kind and for some reason relieved. Finally Mark said "I don't know how you did it?" I was puzzled "What do you mean?" He said "Last year we had a comedian and the crowd hated him! They booed him the entire time." So I say "You invited me to perform for 7000 people knowing full well it could totally go to shit?" He laughed and said "I forgot about that till you walked out!" Please enjoy Mark and Brian and remember they have your back... until they forget they might not! Thanks for having me on your Super Show and Happy Holidays!

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