Saturday May. 08th, 2010

Bring the rock Report!

Photo By: putnamphoto Nina Gordon lets me get near her!
Friday night's Bring The Rock at Largo was a total blast in the pants area. It's been at least 3 years since we've done one here in Los Angeles, and that was at the old Largo where if you got 75 people you had a rocking house. Well the new Largo At The Coronet holds about 280 Hot Punks and Kittens which is much harder to fill. Especially since I'm not nearly as popular as I once was. I am however slightly better dressed. (Note Day Of The Dead grey cardi and shorty tux pants w/ Chucks) But thanks to the big heartedness of Ben Stiller, Moon Zappa, Josh Homme, Paul Greenberg and Brendan Walsh we were able to fill that sucker up for one of the best nights of entertainment you can have in skin. Josh from Queens of The Stoneage regaled us with a story about having a midget hurled at him in Germany. Brendon talked about taking to many mushrooms and missing Ween, Ben shared the surreal experience of he and Judd Apatow pitching the the Rolling Stones a movie idea that Mick had pitched to them to pitch to the rest of the band unbeknownst to the band, and Moon confessed to having a bizarre romantic? relationship with Mike Bordin drummer for Faith No More. Each story was followed up by a song sometimes performed by the story teller and Electrik Snowflake who opened the show alone with the prettiest version of Straight Outta Compton you are likely to hear. Oh and my buddy and comedy genius Paul Greenberg gave a drum miming seminar. Me? I sported a poumpahawk, (my word) did something funny? and then was unable to play my favorite song on guitar! Proceeds went to support Stillerstrong.org We will do one again in late summer! I'm making my wish list now. Does anyone know Dave Grohl or Brad Pitt? STAY TUNNED

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