Monday Sep. 20th, 2010

This IDIOT...

17 weeks ago this clown came to my house with a sweaty cassette recorder and the simple request that I sit with him and talk into it. This man is Dave Anthony a darkly hilarious comic known to few people, a successful commercial actor and writer, a father and husband and one of my very best friend type things. Dave and I met in San Francisco some 20 years ago outside the historic Holy City Zoo Comedy Club in San Francisco where Dave had performed an excellent set of standing up comedy. What I noticed first about Dave is that he was OK with wearing white jeans and I decided that he would need my help if he were going to survive and since that time he and I have been trying to find some way to kill each other. When Dave came to me with the PODCUDDLE idea I balked. because like He's Just Not That Into You, I resist good ideas when they come my way. Especially if I didn't come up with them. Well needless to say I have the great displeasure of working with one of show business's best kept secrets, and like a dirty Uncle he's fun to talk about and weird to spend time with in any closed space. I love Dave and I hope to murder him someday by pouring poison in his eye. We hope you have enjoyed Walking The Room because it might just be the best thing I've been a part of since that summer I got shingles. Listen to two men falling apart NOW!

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