Thursday Feb. 24th, 2011

Share Our Sickness, Lick A Friend!

Photo By: Amiira Behrendt Poster By Matt Cuddle Monkey White!
Cuddlazs! Last weekend I had an experience I can only describe and profound (albeit sad) . Now I have been doing standup 22 years and I've had all manner of extraordinary fan come to my shows. Sometimes people bring Cadbury Eggs, Cakes, Razzles, and other assorted treats. Sometimes people bring their books to signed which I am ALWAYS glad to do. But this past weekend something awesome happened. People came dressed Clown From The Neck Down. HOW U IZ? One dedicated follower of fashion even wore a cardi with his clown pants!! The point I'm trying to make is this little audio broadcast that Dave and I sincerely love doing is connecting in a way neither of us ever expected. And while not all Cuddlaz dressed up (nor should they have) they came, made themselves known, and even brought gifts which is also beyond the pale. Some folks traveled great distances as well. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Dave there. That's why I'm writing this. While we don't attack in a pack our strength will come in numbers. Dave's and my only goal is to bring this tragedy your town, hell maybe even soil your closet. But we can only do that by indoctrinating and infecting more sad freaks. SO if you love to hate this sadcast please share with a friend. Tweet, retweet, facebook, text, blog, write in blood on the mirror of the ladies room at the gym, whatever you can to get the word out so Dave and I can come lick you with our poison in person. Thank you all for having lives tragic enough that you can find an hour or so to waste it with us week after pathetic week! Greggers

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