Saturday May. 07th, 2011

MusiCares MAP Fund Tribute to Dave Gahan

Last night I got to say the words " Will you please welcome, from Los Angeles California, JANES ADDICTION!!!" Some days my life is pretty fucking unbelievable. I suppose it's a gift of being sober that I get to talk about back fat, prison sex, and handjobs to a room filled with rock Gods and newly sober kids fresh outta rehab. Other highlights from my night included Billy Idol laughing at dicks being stuck in Cadbury eggs, Steven Tyler dancing side of stage to Depeche Mode songs, some kind words from Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, the fat lady tour manager of Paramore bitching me out that the show was running behind skedg and Billy Corgan. Just Billy Corgan. It's tall, it's bald it sat in the front row and dug the proceedings. Janes Addiction stole the night for me and can't properly put it to words so I won't even try but I had to change my shorts afterwards. Musicares MAP is an amazing organization that helps musicians get sober, get into treatment, and get back to rocking. Last year they helped me get a rocking pal into a sober living situation and it took one phone call. To read more about the event and Musicares go HERE!

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