Wednesday May. 18th, 2011

How Never Not Funny Saved My Comedy Career!

Photo By: Von Swank
Jimmy Pardo gave me back my comedy career. That's a a dramatic statement I know, but it's really kind of true. Jimmy Pardo was, for the longest time, one of Hollywood's worst kept secrets. Worst being that everyone in town loved, possibly revered, but for sure knew him as a great comic but he hadn't had that break through moment. Jimmy, if you don't know him, is cut from the same cloth as guys like Carson, Letterman, Rickles and even Sinatra in that he is a classic showman. He's quick, irascible, present and disarmingly self aware. He's hip and anti-hipster in the same breath. He's a comic's comic and an everyman. He's exactly what I want to see when I go to see comedy. He is God Damn Showbusiness! The first time I saw him I decided I had to be his friend. He made the mistake of letting me. I was always truly baffled as to why he hadn't become a big star. I used to think that if I became famous I'd make it my goal to do what I could to help him out. HA! But then Jimmy did something that innovators do...he hired himself to host his own show, Never Not Funny. A Podcast? I, like everyone else, had no idea what a podcast was. I'd heard some rumblings about Ricky Gervais but hadn't checked it out. In any event NNF went on to become one of the first and certainly one of the best podcasts around. For my money it is the best podcast (that doesn't involve Corndoggin.) Which brings us to me. I'm not sure what season or year it was, but my second appearance on the show coincided with the advent of twitter and Jimmy's rising popularity. I remember it being a lot of laughs and we talked about Matt Bellknap's (Jimmy's Co Host) hipster t-shirt. I had a great time and really didn't think about it much until I checked my twitter feed and FB page. It was as though I had done a Letterman spot. "Hey man great job on Jimmy!" said one. "I used to hate you but now I don't." said another. Others remarked that they didn't know I did comedy or they had never heard of me but the big message was "Welcome back to comedy". I suppose because of the book I co-wrote, the talk show and the emergence of so many new comics people had forgotten about my comedy. Then in one afternoon, on one single appearance of a podcast, Jimmy, Matt and the NNF crew, which at the time included the late great Andrew Koenig (AK47), handed me back my comedy career. Because of the support of all the NNF fans and A Special Thing crowd I have been able to not only do more comedy to comedy fans, but it also gave me the balls to do my own podcast, the tragic cluster fuck that is Walking The Room with another poorly kept showbiz secret Dave Anthony. With much gratitude I appear on Jimmy's show again this week. I hope you will check it out and if you don't know him, I hope you will make it your business to know one truly great guy who is Never Not Fucking Hilarious!

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