Friday Sep. 16th, 2011

That Guy From That Thing gets a shot on NETFLIX!

In 2009 I put out a one hour special called Greg Behrendt Is That Guy From That Thing. The title jokingly refers to my pathetic moment in the spotlight after the success of He's Just Not That Into You. It was the way I was routinely greeted in airports and diners when people couldn't think of "Hey faggot!." Or when people wouldn't confuse me with the far more fetching Ty Pennington. My career was in a weird / unbelievably shitty place when we shot it. My talk show had been cancelled to the concern of almost no one, my reality show had been mercifully shelved, I lost my manager, my agents, my publisher and my goldfish. So I needed this to work. This was my shot to show the world that I was more than those seven ubiquitous words. I put a lot of eggs into the "That Guy" basket. That is not the way to go into any enterprise, hoping it will save you. At the time most of the people that came to see me perform not surprisingly wanted to hear about relationships which I had little to no material about. So I wrote some because I felt for the price they were paying to come see me I should address some of their needs. Chicken Fingers, Sex In The Bottom and How Do I Get In A Relationship are reflective of that. They felt like compromise and that made me sad. If a young comic asked me today I'd say never compromise the things that matter to you most. I did, and it stings.On the other hand Flipside Cracker, John Krasinski, (Free Pass) Murse and I Made A Bird are three of my all time favorites. Those bits are how I do standup. I still do those bits today. 70% of the material makes me really happy. Not only that but I designed the set, put the Reigning Monarchs Fanfare For The Well Dressed Man in the opening title sequence, and gave, considering where I was at the time, a solid fucking performance. It's a good looking special. It's well directed and well produced.Well we sold it to Comedy Central and hopped for the best... It's debut was like at midnight on a Sunday and then random early morning airings after that. I just assumed it was not liked by Comedy Central and the general public. It didn't sell particularly well. I read the first iTunes review it was over the top unkind maybe the meanest thing I've ever read about myself. So I gave up on it. I just acted like it never happened. I didn't watch it again, I didn't mention it in the press, I stopped selling it on the road. I just thought it was a big failure. I had a chance to change the story and I failed.Then about a month ago people began posting / tweeting/ facebooking about it. Almost daily. People who were fans. people who didn't know I did standup. It was all very kind and very effusive. Suddenly I had a different feeling about it. Not that it was great or anything like that but more that I don't know shit. My job as a comedian is to make stuff and let the pieces fall where they may. I don't get to decide how people feel about it but It's sure nice when they get a chance to see it at least. I am grateful to those of you that watched it and commented and to Netflix for giving it a shot

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