Thursday May. 17th, 2012

Bring The Rock. (Canceled)

Photo By: Poster Mark De Klien
UPDATE: Despite my excitement below the May 22 Bring The Rock has been canceled. We may re-boot at some point. We also may not. To those of you that bought tickets I'm sorry, To those you that didn't ... well there you have it. :)Some years back I was lucky enough to be sitting at a dinner table with Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello, I was having some cod. He was recanting his trip to Australia to play their super festival, Big Day Out. While I can't tell the entire story here it was essentially about Tom feeling like RATM were the greatest band in the world having just made 80k people jump up and down for and hour in the mud when suddenly he realized that the band that was currently on hadn't played but had been on stage for at least 10 mins. He ran to the side of the stage to see that Slipknot had made all 80K people lay face down in the rain and mud before they would play a single note. It was then that Tom conceded that Slipknot were the greatest band in the world not RATM, at least on that day. Because Tom is such a well spoken and funny dude I realized I would pay good money to hear musicians, comics and other such pirates tell excellent rock and roll stories and then say I'd say "Regale us with a song, minstrel" (I'm a weird dude) And that's what Bring The Rock is all about! Hearing funny real life music stories from people that love music and then hearing a song that supports the story. I started the show 8 or so years ago at the old Largo in Los Angeles on Fairfax and am now doing it at the new one on La Cienega. It's the two things I love most in the world of entertainment good stories and rock. This Tuesday the 22nd I will be joined by a guy I'm a huge fan of, stand up titan Bill Burr, Emmy award winning comic songstress *Karen Kilgariff, and uber musician Grant Lee Phillips, all of whom will be backed by the stellar Reigning Monarchs for an evening you will not forget. It's simply one of the best shows you will ever see. TIX BRING IT!*I co-produced Karen's excellent debut album Behind You you should but it it's cheap and it's Here!

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