Wednesday Sep. 26th, 2012

I was wrong!

On June 18th of this year after a rough weekend of low ticket sales, missing my family way too much, and refusing to understand what was happening in my standup career, I posted a blog on this site saying I was going to stop working in comedy clubs in 2013. I didn't see the point if people weren't gonna come out, and I had to be away from my girls who are growing up much faster than I had expected they would. I was frustrated and confused. I may have also taken my pacifier out of my mouth and thrown it from my crib. So I promised to finish the dates I had on the books but to not book anything else. Included in those dates was a week of one man shows at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. I was set to give 6 performances of Clown From The Neck Down, the show I had performed to great acclaim in Australia and New Zealand. I was performing in a converted strip club. Almost no one showed up. In a room that held at least 200 people I was drawing between 12 and 50 people a night. One night I had to cancel because only 2 folks came. At a festival where many of my peers were present only two of them came to see me. Understand only a few years earlier I sold out a 800 seat theatre two nights in a row. I hit bottom. I was sad. I had something akin to a nervous breakdown. I resolved to get professional help upon returning home. It helped. I realized this: I have a career like everyone in show business has. It's up. It's down. It's not personal. I've had great success and I've had great failures. They are not personal. The problem, was/is that I became a victim of my bad luck. I allowed it to control me and my point of view. I wasn't putting anything into the universe I was waiting for the universe to give it to me, like a little bitch. So here's what happened next.I was having a meeting with my manager and he was like "Greg, you have to write something or make something!" (other than my hit podcast Walking The Room) Well myy band The Reigning Monarchs had just released an EP called All Summer Single that was charting on Bandcamp (#1 in punk for a spell) and we'd been offered a low rent tour. "What do you want me to do David?" I shouted. "Write a show about a 49 year cry baby that leaves his family to play with his ska band?" "That's a start" he said. And then I went home to start writing it. That weekend I was doing a stand up show with some old buddies. I was telling them the idea when someone said "You shouldn't write a show you should actually do it, leave your family to go play with your band and get the New Yorker or another magazine to pay you to write about the experience!" And then I said "Better yet what if we made a documentary about it?" Everyone agreed that could be cool. "Maybe I could narrate parts of the movie via my standup that way I might have a new hour/special as well." And the idea was born. So starting sometime in October I will start a year (365 days) of throwing my back into being in The Reigning Monarchs and I'll supporting that dream and my family by doing as much standup as I possibly can. Crazy right? That means I will be anywhere they will book my standup, anywhere they will book my band and anywhere they will book my podcast. I expect this to be very taxing year but I couldn't be more exhilarated about it. If you are a fan I apologize for the dramatic mood swings this year. If I lost you I get it. I was wrong. It wasn't standup's fault, or your fault, it was my fault for not seeing the opportunities I've been given. I know this band/movie/standup thing is a ludicrous idea but it's gotten up off the mat and swinging, taking risks, doing shows and having a great time doing it. This weekend I am stoked that I will be at the Comedy Attic in Indiana and here are the dates I currently have booked. Come see me/us who knows you might get in the movie:) Sweater.Update. I've reposted the original "I'm quitting comedy" post for context to not only this post, but also my admission to struggling...

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