Monday Dec. 31st, 2012

You are never just a fan!

This was both the worst and possibly the best year of my life. I don't want to rehash too much of what I've already said in other posts on this blog, but long story short I went from wanting to kill myself to lusting after life in a way that feels sane. I was diagnosed as having some mental health issues that I've now come to understand have plagued me for most of my life. I have been able to fight them with therapy and prescription drugs. And while my problems no doubt still exist I now have the tools, the power and the desire to fix them. But more than that I have you. If you are reading this it is possible that you are a fan. And if you are then you must know that your support during the time when I was running around mad saved my life. Without your tweets, FB posts, show attendance, t shirt orders, Reigning Monarch and Walking The Room downloads, instagram follows, and emails there's a very good chance I wouldn't be here typing this. It got that dark kids. It is no longer that way. The car is going in the other direction. I will not post about this again as It is my intention to leave this here in 2012. But I want to reiterate this: You don't realize the power YOU have when you say something nice to someone on twitter, or buy a Doug Loves Movies Shirt, or go see Nikki Glaser live. You don't realize how fucking important the smallest gesture of posting about us on your blog, or facebooking a youtube video does for us. It keeps us alive. It keeps us creating. You are not just a fan you are the life blood of the creative soul. You give us permission to go forward, upward, sideways and yes even down. You may be a creative type yourself in which case you ability to support other creatives makes you a fucking hero in my book! Whatever your desires are for 2013 I hope they come true, and I hope I can help. Happy New Year. And thank you for the life you've given me.Sweater!

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