Tuesday Feb. 19th, 2013

And then we lost the footage! Day 39 of 365

Life is certainly not without its hardships. And of course hardships are relative to what's going on in your life. While losing ALL the footage to the documentary you've been working on for four months is not the same as many other dire problems it does count as a TOTAL FUCKING BUMMER. Especially when that's all this year is really about for Mike and I. . Now granted we are early on in the process and the band is about to go in the studio and make the record for the tour we will embark on, but there was some amazing stuff already shot! FUCK, SHIT, PISS, COCK! However when we were in Brooklyn for the Starfish Circus in Angelo had two Cuddlahs running second and third camera. Thomas Obarski and Rob Flanagan saved the day. Thomas cut two vids together for us ATTACK SWEATER ATTACK and our version of the Specials GHOST TOWN featuring the amazing Norah Jones and Jed Parish of the late great Gravel Pit. We are also joined by Glenn White and the Starfish Section foe what was one of the finest moments we've had as band. We learned the song as a group and hour before the show with out New York rhythm section of Pete Caldes, Drums (The Gentlemen) and Greg Camp Bass (Smashmouth) and then Norah and Jed joined us with Keyboardist Pete Remm and after two runs through this is how we did it! The hard dive has been sent to a secret hard drive recovery lab in northern California ... so fingers crossed. This is the Pray part of Eat Pray Ska!

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