Tuesday Jun. 18th, 2013

Give a mother***er a shout out!

If you've followed me the past coupla years you no doubt know that I've had my share if career ups and dog pills. Quite often when things go wrong I blame myself. Last summer, as some of you may recall, I went to Montreal for the Just For Laughs festival and did six nights in an a old strip club rarely managing to pull more than 50 people and having to cancel a show one night because there were only 3 people in attendance. It was a humiliating career reality after doing this for 20 plus years. I took it hard and chalked it up to being "over". I can be very dramatic. Oddly enough a young dude named Ian Atlas came to one of the shows and decided he must get me to Toronto. I assumed he was insane, off his meds, and probably just some kid. I figured I'd never hear from him. But hear from him I did, and while he didn't have a lot of cash to offer me he said he'd like me to come perform 3 shows in Toronto during the NXNE music festival. As it turns out I had nothing going on this year so I was able to go. The first show was in a bistro and when I arrived it looked as though it was going to be Montreal all over again but by showtime it was fairly packed. The show was an amazing success and I was relieved not only for me but for Ian. Later that night I noticed an unusual amount really, really kind tweets in my feed. Mostly from Toronto comics. I was flattered and a little confused. It turns out that Ian, who'd done an amazing job promoting me to the public had also really pumped me up within the local comedy community and begged the kids to come give me a shot. The next day both of my Comedy Bar shows were packed, The comics word brought out an amazing group of comedy fans and the shows were killer. Not only that but all the local comics that opened the shows slammed! (see review) There is an art to promotion. It's about helping people find something they may not know about but certaiily have been looking for. Ian's going to the source, other comics, was a genius. Sometimes as an comic you have to remember that it's not just about you, the people who booked you have a job to do too. It is one they often seem reluctant or incapable of doing. Remember they invited you. In this day and age when peoples attentions are so fractured promotion is way more than half the battle so remember that and when you see a comic you like. and give that motherfucker a shout! Thank you Ian Atlas and the Toronto comedy community.

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