Monday Jul. 08th, 2013

It's Just A F***ing Date!

On July 23rd Amiira and I will release a new eBook and soft cover called It's Just A Fucking Date. It is a book that is, not surprisingly, about dating and it posits the idea that people should go on actual dates. REVOLUTIONARY! "But Greg I thought you gave up the relationship gig." Yes, well I did, but I'm coming back from retirement for this one last book on the subject. You see a few years back Amiira and I wrote a book for the U.K. called "It's Just A Date" The reason being that people in the U.K. and Australia don't seem to date. They get drunk, stand next to each other at the pub and then a baby or a break up happens. So we tried to reintroduce the time tested, age old, novel idea of women requiring men to take them on actual dates and men being psyched to do so. It was quite successful. We didn't think that dating needed to be explained to the American public. We assumed you all were dating, but after many sad late night discussions with various babysitters in our kitchen Amiira and I found that in fact America to has too become a world of hook ups, drunken booty calls, frequent sexting and very vague parameters for what constitutes an actual date. Which is fine. I didn't care. I felt I'd said enough about relationships until Amiira pointed out that OUR DAUGHTERS would be dating in the blink of an eye. And trust me friend they'll be going on actual dates. So we give you "It's Just A F***king Date!" a book that breaks down what dating looks like, what an actual date is, and how and why you will go on them. Like all our books it's meant to be funny, inspiring and empowering. And like all our books it thinks YOU are the shit and should be taken on a fucking date. It's packed with life altering information and pretty words! You can pre-order yours HERE!

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