Friday Jan. 03rd, 2014

Return To Oprah!

I was sitting at the car wash. I love going to the car wash. A clean car is like a freshly made bed. It's one of the jewels in the crown of self respect. There are no two greater indicators of my state of mind than the state of my bed and my car. If my bed is made and my car is clean I've probably also flossed, gone for a run and returned most of my phone calls and messages. Point is, I was already having a good day when my phone rang and an unknown NY number came up. 9 out of 10 times unknown numbers go straight to voicemail. Today I answered. It was the publishers of Amiira's and my E Book It's Just A F***ing Date. Excitedly our folks from Diversion books told us that they had been contacted by the good folks at OWN and that Oprah would like me to teach a Lifeclass with her. She had asked for only me because I had appeared with her by myself for the most part during the He's Just Not That Into You episodes of her original show. It was a choice I always felt weird about because all our books have two points of view and while yes I was the dude telling it "like it is" I always preferred doing it w Liz Tuccillo my co author and brains behind the idea for original book. So this time I said I'd love to but that the book was written by both Amiira and I and that we'd prefer to do it together. They were more than happy to have Amiira along. And man was it the right choice. We had a blast and Amiira is just amazing. It also energized the two of us to to continue down the path of writing more and perhaps even doing some kind of show together. At the end of the day we have have a pretty simple message: You deserve to have the things in life you want, that's why you were given a life in the first place. But those things will only come from making good choices and setting the bar high for yourself. And we only know this, not because we set the bar high, but because for a long time we had both set the bar very low and were determined to learn from it. I hope you will check it out. Oprah was unbelievably cool again and has a pretty wicked sense of humor. At some point I'll write about the whole experience. You can follow Amiira on her twitter account or our book at our Facebook page It's Just A F***ing Date Hope to hear from you all in the new year!!

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